As a Day Coordinator, you are primarily responsible for ensuring that a someone is “watching and praying” at the vigil at all times during your selected Day each week during the 40 days. Your Day begins at 12 midnight, and ends 24 hours later at the next midnight.

Key relationships: Throughout the 40 days, you should focus on establishing consistent communication (at least once per week) with each of your Day’s Shift Leaders (so please be sure that you are familiar with the responsibilities of Shift Leaders). If a reliable Shift Leader has been found for each shift (typically three hours long), you may need to maintain contact with only eight people to be sure that all 24 hours of your Day will be fully covered.

However, if no Shift Leader has been found for some of these three hour time periods, you may find it necessary to communicate with up to 24 people (one person for each hour of your Day) to ensure that all vigil hours are covered. So it is obviously in your best interest to help identify and recruit reliable Shift Leaders you can trust. (In the remainder of this document, any mention of a “Shift Leader” should be understood to also refer to anyone who is scheduled for any hours of your Day where no Shift Leader has been scheduled.)

Filling vigil gaps before your Day begins: If any Shift Leader has informed you that they will be unable to fill their hours on one of your Days, or if any other hour(s) on your Day’s schedule remain unfilled as your Day approaches, you should plan in advance for someone to cover those hour(s), or plan to be personally present during those hours yourself.

Filling vigil gaps during your scheduled Day: If a Shift Leader does not arrive at their scheduled time, the previous Shift Leader may call you. You must be prepared to receive such phone calls (or texts) at all times during the 24 hours of your assigned Day.

When you receive such a call, you must be prepared to find someone to immediately cover the vigil until the next Shift Leader arrives (or negotiate with the previous Shift Leader to see if they can stay longer). If you cannot find anyone, you must personally cover the vigil.

Such situations can be avoided if each of your Shift Leaders calls the next Shift Leader an hour before their shift begins. You would then have more time to find someone to fill the gap.

There is little likelihood that you will face the need to personally cover the vigil if you are able to verify in advance that each Shift Leader is prepared to fully cover their assigned hours. However, even when the best preparations are made, unexpected emergencies may occur. Even if no vigil gaps occur, please try to spend at least one hour at the vigil on your Day.

In case of bad weather or other emergencies, a Shift Leader may contact you for assistance.

Communicating with Vigil Coordinator: When you become aware of a gap or when you fill a gap, please notify the Vigil Coordinator, preferably by text message. The online schedule must also be updated. You must also notify the Vigil Coordinator if you are unable to fulfill any of your duties. Before the vigil begins, the Vigil Coordinator will try to ensure that all hours of your Day are scheduled, but you may make your job easier if you help find Shift Leaders you can trust.

Helpful assistants: If you do not speak both English and Spanish, you should find a bilingual assistant. (Ideally, the person who answers vigil phone calls should be bilingual.) If you do not have Internet access, you should find an Internet assistant (so that the online schedule is updated). If you cannot be available for all 24 hours of your scheduled Day, you must find an assistant who is available for the remainder of your Day.

Why total vigil coverage is necessary
We need to ensure that this vigil continues for 24 hours every day, with someone physically present at all times to “watch and pray.” This is necessary not only for spiritual and practical reasons, but also for legal reasons. If any of our vigil materials (tables, chairs, literature, signs, etc.) are left unattended at any time, they may be confiscated! We don’t want to let this happen.