God has answered our prayers in amazing ways in twenty 40 day vigils over the past decade! But sadly, we have not yet received enough commitments to plan a true unbroken vigil this year.

We will not begin to promote another 40 day vigil until we believe that minimum requirements will be met (as represented by the graph below). In particular, we cannot consider scheduling another vigil until we are sure that we will have enough Day Coordinators and Shift Leaders. We also need to be able to cover all night and morning hours.

The graph below reflects the commitments which have been made for the next 40 day vigil. This chart will not reflect any financial contributions, but will only reflect those who have committed to be responsible for specific blocks of time during a future 40 day vigil.

Current commitment level: 32%
Minimum commitment level needed to prepare for vigil: 70%

If you want to help ensure that another 40 day LifeVigil will happen in Bakersfield, please take 5-10 minutes to complete this survey to explain how you can help. Survey responses will help us reach our goal (as reflected in the above graph).

If past vigil participants will just take 10 minutes to complete the survey, it should not be difficult to plan another vigil. Enough people have participated in these vigils over the past 10 years to fill several 40 day vigils, and most of these people still want to pray to end abortion (if they know that their prayers are truly needed). If we can simply identify everyone who still wants to help, our schedule will likely be full.

Are you interested in taking the time to call past vigil participants or distributing printed copies of the vigil surveys to your group? If so, please contact Tim at 412-2291. Motivating more people to just complete the survey is the most important help we need at this time.

Tap here to take the survey now!