Over the course of the past three decades, LifeSavers Ministries has led many prayer vigils outside Bakersfield’s abortion chambers, including some vigils which spanned multiple days.

In 2007, Tim and Terri Palmquist of LifeSavers Ministries began planning the first 40 day prayer vigil in Bakersfield, outside the FPA abortion business. Starting with this first local 40 day vigil, memorial crosses were placed outside the abortion chamber, with each cross representing a child who was killed there by abortion that week. At first, over 85 crosses were erected outside the abortion chamber weekly, but during the course of subsequent vigils, the number of crosses continued decreasing, as it seemed that FPA abortionists were aborting fewer babies. During recent vigils, the number of crosses erected weekly is usually less than ten. Let’s continue until no more babies die and no more mothers are hurt in Bakersfield.

Information on the Bakersfield 40 day LifeVigil campaign is available at http://bakersfield.LifeVigil.com

To donate to our local LifeVigil campaign, go to http://lifesavers.glorifyJesus.com/donate.

General LifeVigil information is available at http://www.LifeVigil.com.